An Introduction to DeceptionGrid

In today’s environment, the question isn’t whether attackers will penetrate your networks, but when and how often. Attackers are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to penetrate the most robust perimeter and endpoint defenses. 

How do you know if an attacker has penetrated your network? How can you identify them quickly? What are the irintentions? How quickly can you stop an attack and return to normal operations? 

TrapX Deception in Depth architecture addresses these important questions with powerful DeceptionGrid technology to bait, engage, and trap sophisticated attackers at every step. DeceptionGrid is a full suite of deception techniques, including the automated deception Tokens (lures) and medium and high-interaction Traps  (decoys). It baits attackers by deploy-ing camouflaged Traps and Tokens among your actual IT resources. Our Traps appear identical in every way to your real operational IT assets and your connected Internet-of-things (IoT) devices. Deception in Depth takes the illusion a step further, engaging sophisticated attackers by maintaining a facade of convincing network traffic among ourTraps. 

When cyber attackers penetrate an enterprise network, they move laterally to locate high-value targets. DeceptionGrid dynamically baits, engages, and traps attackers across all areas of the network. Just one touch of the DeceptionGrid by the attacker sets off a high-confidence ALERT. DeceptionGrid integrate swith key elements of the network and security ecosystem to contain attacks and enable are turn to normal operations.